How to Get Rid of Packing Boxes After Moving House

So, you just had a giant sigh after unpacking your last box and the stress is slowly wearing off. You are done with the most difficult parts of moving house – the packing, unpacking, and arranging the furniture in your new house. But at the end of it all remains an offending mountain of packing boxes with which you have no idea what to do.

You have a number of options, and what you do depends on several things including how well-preserved the storage containers are. Whatever the case, the task of getting rid of moving boxes is definitely no match for the warrior in you who just slew the giant of moving house.

Moving boxes

So what options do you have with regards to your empty boxes?
1. Keep Them
If you are anticipating another move in the not so distant future, you can simply keep the boxes if they are not damaged. If you have too many of them, storage space could be an issue but if you flatten them, they won’t take much space. This option is something you have to think of beforehand so that you handle the boxes with care during the packing and unpacking.

2. Give Away to Friends
It is likely that at least one among your friend is or will soon be in need of boxes. It could be for moving house, in which case they might need the whole lot, or for other uses like storage or making a home for a pet. The boxes, of course, have to be undamaged.

3. Give Away Online
If there are no friends and family willing to happily take away your burden of boxes, you could advertise them online as free on a number of websites. Definitely there will be more than a couple of people in your area willing to drive up and pick up the boxes.

4. Give to Charity
If you want, you could be a Good Samaritan and give away the boxes to a charity of your choice. There are different organizations that could put your boxes to different uses especially the heavy-duty ones. All it takes is a little looking around to see who could be the best recipient.

5. Sell Back to the Removalist Company

You could turn the tables if you like and get a little of your cash back by selling the boxes to the company that moved you, or even a different one altogether. Some shops have in place a return policy on used boxes. If you got the boxes from a shop, try to see if they can buy back your boxes. Sometimes, you end up buying more boxes than you actually need. Some shops will let you return these too even if it’s for a fraction of the money you spent.

6. Sell Online
Apart from giving them away, you can also sell your boxes online. If they are well-preserved and reasonably priced, someone out there sitting on a computer might be ready to hand out some cash for them. There is more than a dozen of websites you can advertise your sale. The most popular being eBay and Gumtree.

7. Give them to a Recycle Company
You could also save a tree from the lumber’s chainsaw by sending your boxes to recycle factories that handle paper and card boxes if there is one in your area.

8. Use them for Storage
Before you get rid of all your boxes, consider that some things, like kids’ toys that are not in regular use can be kept in boxes. You might want to keep a few of them for your own use.

9. Use a Rubbish Removalist
If you have a whole lot of used boxes, you could engage the services of a rubbish removals company. This works well if you have other rubbish you would like to get rid of and since you just moved house, you will most likely have stuff to get rid of.

10. Make Art
If you are feeling artsy, you could keep some boxes for creative recycling. Your kids will definitely have fun cutting up the boxes to come up with different creative things. There are lots of tutorials online on making cardboard art.