Downsizing to a Smaller Home – Storage and Packing Tips

Time to find a smaller home? Have the kids moved out, perhaps the upkeep of your big house has become too much and it’s time to do something about it.

If you’ve lived in the same house for a number of years, you’ve probably accumulated far too many items – things you’ve held onto just in case which really have no real purpose at all and it’s time to cull!

Follow these tips and start de-cluttering!

Decide what your needs are.

Take a stroll through your home with a note pad and clip board. Note down the items that are gathering dust which serve no real practical use. Gym equipment, book cases, the rocking chair, your second fridge – you get the idea. Ask yourself just how much use these additional items have had over the past two years. Many items we have acquired are often as a result of an unaccomplished idea or goal and if you have not gotten around to utilizing these things by now, you probably never will – it’s time to say goodbye – put them into storage or up for sale.

Reassess every shelf and cabinet.

Clear out all the items in these areas and only put back the items you’ve actually been using. Place the unused items into boxes and send them into storage – be-it your garage, shed or self storage unit.

Measure your furniture.

If you’re moving to a smaller home and downsizing, don’t make the mistake of not measuring the areas where your new furniture will be placed – in particular, large items such as fridges, washing machines and sofas. If you have a floor plan available even better. There are several ‘arrange a room’ software’s available which can be really handy for planning your move.

Does your new home have sufficient storage?

How many cupboards and cabinets do your have, does your new kitchen have the same amount of draws and pantry space as your old home? If you can decide on just how much storage space you’ll have available this will assist in just how much stuff you’ll need to cull or if you need to invest in some kind of locker storage unit.

Have a garage sale.

If you could use a few extra bucks to cover some of your moving expenses, round up all the unused items under or around the house and have a weekend garage sale or utilize free classifieds like Gumtree to help offload items for cash!  Offer free delivery in your local area for your old furniture. Ebay is another way to sell-off things like old albums and collections or comic books. Look for local retailers who can sell things for you on consignment.

DIY house move.

If you are moving yourself to save cost on using furniture removalists, make sure you move the larger items first. It’s far easier to place the furniture items into their new space without having to  maneuver your way around boxes and bags. Make a plan as to which items are going where. If you’ve done your home work, as stated earlier, you should have no problems moving everything straight into their new spaces ready to start packing the smaller items later.

Prepare your spaces.

After the larger furniture items are relocated, make use of your storage spaces as you are unpacking and if you have followed our advice to this point, there will be a lot less things to unpack hence you’ll already be de-cluttered when it comes to unpacking into your new home.

Moving home can be a tremendously stressful time in your life. If there are simply too many obstacles in your life such as children, work or other commitments that may hinder the moving process, you can rely on the team at Brisbane Furniture Removalists to help you move. Sometimes it’s worth spending the money for your own sanity and peace of mind.

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